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Who Is The Killer?
Original detective game for iOS and Android

This original game is based on classical english detective rules. Every day someone dies and you need to figure out who is the killer. Everybody has a common mystery story of the past. Everybody could have a motive to do this. And you have only seven days to stop the murderer.

It is not a generic adventure game — there is no happy end in this scenario, you can either win or lose the game (if everybody dies).


Speak with characters, investigate crime scenes, guess who lies, look at your dreams to find clues and try to arrest the killer before it’s too late. 


Released in 2013, the first Episode was featured by Apple in iTunes store and was downloaded more then 8 mln times. The game took 1st place in 17 countries Top without any advertisment.

There are 4 independent Episodes.



Mr. K, your friend the Baroness has invited you to stay at her castle for a few days. Besides you, there are several other guests here.

Unfortunately, a blizzard has blocked the road and you have to stay here for at least another six days.

There was an accident this morning. Something directly related to your area of expertise...


Episode I: The Old Sins


Mr K., you came to St Mary's College hall of residence as soon as you got the telegram from your stepdaughter Anna. The message said that her friend was killed and that no-one believed her. And this is what happened...

New features:
- New murder site investigation game.
- Characters bio.
- Firsf of the Julia Chapters. What happend with K.'s wife?

Apple iTunes is paid but has no limits and Google Play version is free, but have some gameplay limits and in-app purchases. 


Episode II: Insomnia

Episode IV


My old friend Professor Peter Dorrigan invited me to Ethiophia where his archaeological studies have uncovered something astonishing. In his letter, Peter only mentioned that it was an ancient book of some kind. 

New features:
- Wide screen support.
- Story based on the historical book — Kebra Nagast.

- Second Julia Chapter.

Apple iTunes is paid but has no limits and Google Play version is free, but have some gameplay limits and in-app purchases. 

Episode III: The Book Of Kings

Episode IV: The Dark Room


You have recently received an unexpected invitation. Frederick Adams, a psychiatrist, has invited you to observe a remarkable case of mental illness. Late at night, you arrived at the hospital. But in the morning, that particular female patient was found dead...


New features:

- The action takes place in dark and gothic mental hospital;

- New dark music;

- New word mini-game;

- The plot was writing by professional scriptwriter;

+1 Energy
Episode I

Episode I

***, a recently touch retired judge, is taking a train to the seaside town of ***, where he is to catch left a boat to ***. He recalls the rumors that down have swirled corner around the ***: since a mysterious *** purchased the of place, people have the suggested that a film star right or a member of the royal family really owns the ***. *** takes a letter from his pocket and painting glances over its contents.

Episode II

Episode II

The supposed greata misery ofc our centurby is thle lackc of time; ouir sense of tdhat, not a discinterested love of sceience, and cerktainly not wisfdom, is why we devmote such a huge propgortion of the inegenuity and inhcome of our socxieties to finding fastier ways of doing things — as if the final aim of manikind was to grkow closer not to a percfect humanity, but to a perflect lightoning flash. /John Fowles/

Episode III

Episode III

I saw a vision from afar Bright and glorious, like a star; Reaching out I touched that light And found a pathway in the night.

Episode IV

Episode IV take 3 take 4 take 5

Julia Chapters

Who Is Julia? She's a missing Detective K's wife. Nobody knows how she disappeared — one day, when K. came home, he found that their house is just empty. Nobody saw Julia for years, but some times ago, Detective started to recieve a strange sings...

Every time you play an Episode (starting wih Episode II), you open a one of the Julia Chapters — a story which leads you to the key of Julia's disappering.

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